The Freeze Drying Process and Benefits of Buying Wholesale

There are many different ways to preserve food. Every process is different, offering its own benefits and disadvantages for the food being processed. Canning and dehydrating food, for example, alters flavor, changes color, and diminishes nutritional content by about half! 

Our experts here at Shepherd Foods choose the freeze drying process for our high quality food ingredients because the food retains all of the original taste and nutrients. 

Freeze-dried food ingredients are very versatile, as they can still feasibly be used in both sweet and savory cuisine even after all of their moisture is eliminated. Additionally, freeze dried foods keep their quality and may be kept in the refrigerator, pantry, or cellar for up to 25 years! They are lightweight and portable, making them the ideal choice for quick camping dinners or an emergency food supply.

Food Preparation For Freeze-Drying

We choose only the freshest food selections before processing. We handle the ingredients with care, removing any particles, dirt, or toxins from your food by washing them. Dishes that are ordered to specifications, such as chopping or mixing, are completed as ordered. Recipes that require cooking are also prepared as requested. Once all of the food order specifications have been thoroughly achieved, our team of experts begin the freeze drying procedure. 

Our customers also have the option to request our co-packing services. Once the food has been prepared and processed, our industry-grade equipment can be utilized to package your freeze dried food ingredients in professional quality custom packaging solutions. 

How We Freeze Dry Your Food Ingredients and Meals

Shepherd Foods specializes in the freeze drying process for your wholesale needs of high quality freeze dried food ingredients and meals. The first step is to arrange your order onto the trays of the freeze drying machine. Second, the trays are inserted into the dryer and the doors are secured tight. Next, the food undergoes a freezing cycle until it reaches a temperature range from -40 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Once the food has finished the freezing and drying process, the food is placed into the appropriate Mylar bags or other packaging materials and sealed. From there, the food is then conveniently shipped to your location to be distributed to your consumers. 

Why Shop From Shepherd?

Shepherd Foods is a freeze dried food wholesale supplier that manufactures and processes superior food products for your business. Additionally, your costs are lower when buying in wholesale bulk! For more information, give us a call today at (800) 497-8321.