Choose Freeze Dried Coffee For Making Unique & Delicious Products

Did you know instant coffee is simply freeze dried ground coffee? Freeze dried ingredients aren’t just limited to common foods! This means freeze dried coffee can be put into a wide array of recipes or work in a range of other practical uses. Read below to learn more about some of the things you can do or products you can make using freeze dried coffee.

Make that Iced Coffee TO GO

Change up your consumer’s coffee routine by helping them cool down this summer with iced coffee pops! Cut out the time it takes to wait for their freshly brewed coffee to cool down and get their coffee pops in a flash. (At least as long as it might take to get ready for some outdoor fun!) Simply mix the powder with chilled or room temperature water and pour into popsicle molds for freezing. 

Shake It Up or Smooth It Down

Provide your consumers with a delicious spin on their daily iced coffee in the form of a milkshake or smoothie. Boosting with flavor and offering a caffeine kick, they can enjoy your product day or night. Not to mention the antioxidant benefits they will get while enjoying it.

Make 4D Chocolate Desserts!

Your baked goods can give them a blast of flavor when you use freeze dried coffee in the mix! Brownies, cookies, and cakes develop a much deeper chocolate flavor when adding this ingredient. Wow your customers when they experience how much chocolate flavor they can enjoy.

Make The Most Of Your Marinades

Marinating meat in an instant coffee mixture can make for a delicious and unique dish that is sure to stand out from the crowd. Dry rubs can also be made much more dynamic with this freeze dried coffee hack. Get your competition curious with one of a kind creations.

Give Their Plants A Pick Me Up

Coffee is not only a great source of antioxidants and nutrients for people, but for plants as well! Your customers will be looking for your special plant food “drink” that is sure to help them perk up their leaves. With creative packaging and the right marketing, you might just secure yourself a spot in a niche market!

Are Your Consumers Looking For Luscious Locks?

If you have consumers that are already purchasing hair care products from you, why not also offer them a freeze dried coffee hair treatment? Stimulating hair growth and creating a healthy sheen to your hair makes this option great for creating an enjoyable hair care product. It will also leave their hair smelling wonderful.

Coffee Just Isn’t For Cats

Unlike catnip, coffee can act as a cat repellent. For consumers seeking to find pest control solutions, or even to protect their garden, mixing freeze dried coffee in their soil can help with a stray cat problem. Since they strongly dislike the smell of coffee, you might just help them achieve a prize-winning flower bed!

Deodorizing Around Their Dorms (Or Home)

People are always looking for new ways to do everyday things differently for a better outcome. Freeze dried coffee can offer these kinds of alternatives to consumers. For example, it can act as a deodorizer when placed unopened in the fridge. Creating a product to be placed into the fridge that uses instant coffee might change up their routine enough for them to buy.

Now that you have learned about these impressive capabilities of freeze dried coffee, you can put your inspiration to work for your business. Give us a call at Shepherd Foods today at (800) 497-8321 to order a high quality freeze dried coffee that is sure to take your products to the next level. For more information about our Co-manufacturing and Co-Packing options, visit our website.