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We Provide Top Quality Industrial Freeze Drying

Shepherd Foods Serving Since 1991.

Shepherd Foods has been delivering delicious, nutritious food products to food industry businesses for over 30 years. From farm fresh ingredients, to decadent pocket sandwiches, to long term storage foods, we have dedicated ourselves to excellence. The quality speaks for itself.

Helping Your Food Business FlourishMillions eat meals prepared outside the home each day. Shepherd Foods prepares freeze dried food for both small and large scale businesses. For over 30 years, Shepherd Foods has set a standard of excellence in the foods industry. Utilize our experience to help your business find success. Our scalable solutions can address just about any of your unique non-perishable needs.

We Manufacture Your Meals

We use only the finest food ingredients and lock in the same nutrient profile as when the meal was first made!

Are you interested in contracting with Shepherd Foods to manufacture your freeze dried product? You will receive an offer based on a comprehensive look at your ideas and materials and then we begin the development process with you.

Dedicated to ExcellenceShepherd Foods specializes in creating and freeze drying delicious cuts of meat, sauces, and other ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with bulk amounts of nutritious food, fast! All products are assessed for quality by our quality assurance personnel throughout the process. Every stage of the freeze drying process is accompanied by evaluation, including taking samples for detailed inspections. It is our goal to retain the closest visual and flavor attributes as possible to the original product.

Do you have a unique food product that needs freeze drying services to prepare it for market? We have the equipment, work force, capabilities, and know-how to make meeting your goals a reality.

You will receive the support you need for proper product development and integration with the freeze drying process that is as seamless as possible. Our innovative processes, length of experience, and professional equipment make it possible to achieve success with your raw materials.

Ready to Taste For Yourself?

To get started, simply provide us with the necessary information regarding the design and makeup of your product. After evaluation, we will begin defining the production parameters and preparing a cost estimate for your approval. Your cooperation in the development process is welcome every step of the way to ensure your utmost satisfaction of outcome.

Let us know what your needs are so we can best determine how to meet them! Also feel free to ask any questions, and a representative will respond to you in a timely manner.