Healthy and Natural Food Coloring Options with Freeze Dried Fruit

Bright and colorful foods really take the spotlight. A food product that is as delicious for a consumer’s visual stimulus as it is on their taste buds is a sure hit. Now you want to also be able to claim that your product is healthy and nutritious, so when it comes to additives in your foods, less is more. An already well-known ingredient that is continuing to increase in popularity, freeze dried foods offer a plethora of opportunities for enhancing the flavor, color, and texture of dishes naturally and healthily.

Let’s first take a look at the option that is most widely used for coloring foods to achieve a more attractive appearance, food dyes, as well as the cons of using them.

What are food dyes made of, and why are they unhealthy?

Many food manufacturers and processors often purchase food dyes for coloring their products, say, a rich and vibrant red velvet cake. For the most part, food dyes are generally regarded as a safe ingredients. (This applies to people who are not allergic to them.) That being said, some highly respected consumer advocacy groups, as well as other renowned identities in the health regulation field, have voiced legitimate concerns. Some negative health symptoms have been discovered in studies related to synthetic food colorants.

The studies mentioned above had obtained research by performing tests on the possibility of side effects from ingesting synthetic dye in high amounts. What was found was an increased risk for certain cancers and the possibility of contributing to hyperactive symptoms in children.

While an overall consensus from scientific findings promotes food colorings as a safe additive to recipes when consumed at regular levels, more natural options can be achieved very easily with a high availability out there on the market today. For example, a food colorant made of natural ingredients exists, although it can be less vibrant than synthetic dyes. 

A natural and flavorful alternative to fake food dyes

Taking steps to create more natural and healthy dishes is always a good thing! With the help of our professional team of food manufacturing experts, you too can incorporate more natural ingredients into your dishes with a lot of flair.

This can be achieved using freeze dried fruits and vegetables in nearly any form. Where dishes were previously dyed with fruit jams, veggie purees, or even herbal drink mixes, freeze dried fruits and vegetables can take the cake! 

When replacing your usual amount of food coloring in your regular recipe, all you have to do is directly mix in a teaspoon or two of freeze dried fruit or vegetable powder to achieve your desired shade. Alternatively, if you do not have an already powdered bag of freeze dried fruit or vegetables, you can pulse them in a food processor until you reach the texture you desire.

Frosting, cakes, and cookies are great recipes to incorporate this natural coloring method and ingredient. For a darker tint and richer color, just add more powder! Not only will these natural fruit and vegetable coloring method give your dishes a boost of visual flavor, but taste as well. Easily enhance the flavor of your dishes with freeze dried solutions, not to mention the increased boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are also added!

Co-Manufacturing and Co-Packing Services For Higher Quality Food Products

You can rely on Shepherd Foods for increasing the quality of your food product for your consumers. Whether color, taste, health, or nutrition, you can count on the benefits of freeze dried fruits and vegetables to make your mark in your industry. 

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