Delicious Uses For Making Freeze Dried Candy Products

You might be wondering what new and delicious creations you can make with freeze dried candy for your consumers to purchase. You may be surprised to learn that it is a surprisingly versatile food product to work with! These candies are essentially in their regular solid, sugary makeup and change shape when frozen and dried via lyophilization (freeze drying). This popular trend can help you make your consumer’s favorite treats even better!

Choosing the right type of freeze-dried candies is critical for making many different types of delicious and healthy treats. Freeze dried candy may be even easier to use than traditional baking candies in many circumstances! We will explain some ideas below, though, ultimately, we think the best candy for your needs will be the one that tastes the best!

Jolly Ranchers are an excellent choice when it comes to making freeze dried candy. Freeze-drying will cause them to puff up and become airy, making them more enjoyable to chew than the regular ones. Changing their texture can even help with applying the classic and bold flavors to a variety of dessert dishes. You can create a tangy and fruity flavored powder to bake with or mix into dairy products to liven them up.

Saltwater taffy is the perfect summertime treat. Believe it or not, freeze drying taffy will cause it to become even sweeter! Saltwater taffy is another popular candy that also expands when undergoing a freeze drying process. Make sure to cut them into bite-sized pieces before freezing for easier handling after processing. If they are not already completely dried, they will stick together in the freeze drier. These transformed taffies are great for sprinkling on top of dessert creations or combining with unique and tasty gift baskets!

Have you heard enough about some delicious uses for freeze dried candy and are ready to start making up some of your own products? We understand, and are here to help your business succeed. The team of freeze drying professionals here at Shepherd Foods can ensure you receive only the best quality freeze dried candy ingredients for your wholesale needs. Our co-manufacturing and co-packing experts can also make your brand flourish with wonderful packaging options and more.

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