The Shepherd Foods Story

Shepherd Foods has been delivering delicious, nutritious food products to food industry businesses for over 30 years. From farm fresh ingredients, to decadent pocket sandwiches, to long term storage foods, we have dedicated ourselves to excellence. The quality speaks for itself.

Shepherd Foods, serving since 1991.

Over 30 Years

Humble Beginnings

For several years, Mr. Shepherd worked with his brothers and father in the egg laying business. Later, he started a hard-cooked egg business which commercially cooked, peeled, and packaged hardboiled eggs for sandwich makers, salad makers, and restaurant chains.

Mr. Shepherd continued to develop the hard-cooked egg business, growing it into a provider of a wide range of fully prepared food products. This eventually became Shepherd Foods. It was his vision of growing into a larger and more diverse industry that compelled him to mass produce freeze-dried food products for relevant B2B solutions. Shepherd Foods currently supplies hundreds of thousands of pounds of superior quality free-dried food goods to businesses all across America.